A TULPA … let’s talk about it

It’s a sanskrit term, which means “form of thought”. Originally used in Tibet, a sub-culture enlivens today and carry this notion of Tulpa in the West. Numerous blogs, forums, and groups allow exchanges around it.


Pedagogy and didactics are required for the uninitiated. It is, therefore, possible to read on the (very!) interesting (and very well written) blog “le Monde de L’étrange” (http://entite.over-blog.com/article-4116158.html): for Tibetan Tulpa is the material projection of a form conceived by the mind. It is a “ghost”, created by the monk or the initiate after a long meditation. It can take the form, indifferently, of an animal, a landscape, an object or a man. It is not a simple vision, but a phenomenon endowed with physical consistency, able to emit a smell, sounds, etc.”


STOP, here we already imagine your wide-eyed: LATULPA team doesn’t have any imaginary friend, does not suffer from a personality disorder, is not (completely) crazy. Finally, just have this impulse necessary to open the perspectives.


This is what we are talking about: opening up perspective. If we go back to the original definition of “Tulpa”, and the idea that the Tibetan monks had of it, the goal was to “expand the capacity to conceive human mind” (http://entite.over-blog.com/article-4116158.html)

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